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Impact Sales, Inc.

Corporate Objective: Establish Business Opportunities in China

Harborlite Distribution Corp., Bridgewater, New Jersey is a "gateway to America" for foreign products. All required services to expedite importing (and exporting) are provided.

Impact Sales Inc. is designed to establish a "gateway to China" in the same fashion. Thereby, controlled and expedited business interchange can be conducted in the most efficient manner.

Beginning in early 1994, research on "How to do business in China" was undertaken for two years. Problems of time and language differences were identified; and solutions implemented. Offices were opened in Dalian and Guangzhou, China with modern communication techniques and qualified personnel prepared to begin developing this business.

Since 1996, Impact Sales Inc. has been involved in selected businesses in China

We now also offer:

Impact Exclusive Import / Distributor:
Top quality Mosaic tile including Crystal Glass, Metal, River Stone, Mirror and a variety of patterns, sizes and colors of Specialized mosaic tile.

For IMPORT PRODUCTS; Direct Factory contacts for many Chinese products. Services available include Negotiations, Financial Arrangements, Quality Control Inspection, Sample shipments, Economical Transportation Services and rapid Communications.

For EXPORT PRODUCTS; Market research, Government product approval, Advertising & Marketing, Sales Organization, Physical Distribution, and Financial Control.